Monday, November 28, 2011

Sooooo, wow, time flies. When i left you guys baby girl was just starting walking, i broke both my arms, yikes... got lyme's disease and just had a rash of bad luck. Then got really busy when i opened an ebay store. I closed that and want to get back to the things i enjoy...crafting, cooking more extensively again and just doing more home stuff. I'm itching to create again. The only things i've made since blogging are very basic...a few pairs of pajamas for the kids and knitting. It is Muharram so i won't be blogging a lot, but i will be back soon with some fun stuff. Oh, yeah, and now there's another baby boy and i'm told the last of our flock. Boo to that but I gotta say, the trifecta is working. This last, he's just delicious. He has the most delicious milky baby cheeks i've ever tasted, and i taste them a lot. He's 6 months old today so happy half birthday to milky boy. :-)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm baaaack....

So let's start off with a recent treasure i found after a fellow blogger made me itch to go thrifting. I went to the older part of town and wham, look what i found! Do you remember these? This was what i loved playing with when i was small and they are valuable...especially the wooden ones. I recently sold the schoolhouse etc on Ebay and did nice. These will end up on there too once the kids get over the novelty of them. Such a huge score. I've found them it bits but never a load like this!

And the baby is calling now but i do promise to post more regularly...i've missed it here.